Monday, August 25, 2014

How a Savings Account for Health Can Help In Retirement – Tony Amaradio Weighs In

When we are young, we have a glancing understanding of the type of investment we might need in order to make our futures secure. However, there are avenues that don’t often go explored; avenues that can be highly beneficial in our later years.

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“Even if we do everything we reasonably can to finance our retirement, sometimes we find ourselves less secure than we would have liked when retirement is close at hand,” says financial consultant and founder of Select Portfolio Management, Tony Amaradio. “Having a health savings account when we are young and contributing to it regularly could provide significant benefits if used as a part of a long term plan.”

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Americans who are already enrolled in a high-deductible health plan might be eligible for a health savings account (HSA). The monies contributed to a HSA are not federally taxed when they are deposited, and can be rolled over. The funds can be used at any time for approved health-related costs without incurring a penalty (although non-prescription over the counter medications will not be considered eligible). However, it might be in the account holder’s best interest to allow the funds to accrue – if possible. The funds aren’t taxed; taxable income is reduced and withdrawals for approved health expenses aren’t taxed, either. Moreover, although there are penalties and taxes for using the funds for non-health purposes before retirement, after the age of 65, there are no penalties.

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It is important to note, though, that contributions should begin at a relatively young age in order to achieve the optimal savings.

“After retirement, health costs are typically a large portion of the retirement savings financial obligation,” says Tony Amaradio. “Having a nest egg in the form of an HSA can alleviate some of the burden.”

Monday, August 11, 2014

Investments and Philanthropy

When it comes to the world of money preservation and asset building skills, Tony Amaradio consistently ranks at the top. For more than 30 years, he has worked with high net worth clients in assisting them in building their estates while taking a conservative stance that allows them to also preserve those assets which took so long to build.

As founder and chief executive officer of Select Portfolio Management, Tony Amaradio took the necessary time and performed the required due diligence to ensure that he built a high flight, elite team of professionals from the insurance, taxation, legal and financial industries, all of whom work in concert to ensure that their clients stay ahead of the investment game, while keeping their taxes low and their estates properly insured and covered against unforeseen but possible negative events.
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Tony Amaradio also gained extra well-deserved recognition as the host of his own financial talk radio show called “Market Talk” which aired for more than 20 years in the Southern California area. Of course, it is the performance in the world of finance that he has continuously and regularly delivered that has built his base of clients to the size it is today. Through direct referrals from his existing base as well as his growing reputation, his business continues to grow, and with his clients achieving above average returns, the assets under his control continues to snowball.

Perhaps less known, but equally important to Tony Amaradio is the philanthropic work that he contributes on a regular basis. Working with such important and beneficial Christian organizations as Campus Crusade, Church Resource Ministries, Far East Broadcasting Company and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, to name just a few of the organizations he assists and empowers, Tony Amaradio also finds satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment in helping others in more challenging and trying situations. 
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Tony Amaradio is an excellent model of a successful businessperson who uses his influence and talents to benefit others from all walks of life!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Achievements Etched with Distinction

In this day and age, it feels as if the world truly is our oyster now that we can reach every nook and cranny with little more than a few swipes, clicks, and taps. The accomplishments of so many bright minds over the years have led to numerous twenty-somethings becoming overnight millionaires. The rise in app development and distribution alone is a true phenomenon in and of itself, with savvy technophiles the world over changing how we work, play, and communicate.

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Snapchat, for instance, is one of those success stories seemingly stripped right out of a Silicon Valley fairytale: Two Stanford University students develop an app for their product design class in April of 2011; just over a year later, in May of 2012, it is estimated that over 25 images were being shared per second by users; by February of 2013 Snapchat revealed that its users were sending upwards of 60 million messages each day; later that year, in November, The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook had opted to purchase the app for $3 billion – an offer that the founders refused. It is stories like these that inspire and motivate the masses to capture a dream, envision a future, and make it a reality.

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With this newfound entrepreneurial spirit, a lot of these individuals are ill-prepared to manage such exceptional amounts of wealth. In such an event, they turn to financial experts like Tony Amaradio, who has devoted over 30 years to helping high net-worth clients with the guidance and insight they need to protect their assets and develop a portfolio that stands the test of time.

Tony Amaradio is recognized as one of the most innovative visionaries in the financial services industry. He has committed decades to developing and implementing financial, taxes, and asset protection plans on behalf of the numerous clients who turn to him and his firm, Select Portfolio Management, Inc. Alongside his team of knowledgeable and experienced legal and financial experts, Mr. Amaradio is able to help solidify success stories with strategies that endure generations.

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If your successes have developed into the kind of legacy you saw for yourself and your family, take initiative and visit the website of Tony Amaradio. His passion and expertise can help drive your achievements into etchings of accomplishment that map and define your own legacy.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

An Effective Guide to Preserving Your Wealth

For the successful executive or entrepreneur, making money seems to come easy. However, making money and preserving the extra funds you have earned are two different stories and the wiser executive or entrepreneur understands the need for finding a qualified expert in the world of investments and finance.

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This is where Tony Amaradio comes into play. Tony Amaradio is not your typical investment counselor who is one of many advisors working for a large investment firm. Early on in his career, Tony Amaradio discovered that he had a knack for not only finding quality investment opportunities, but he also understand the absolute necessity and importance of preserving funds that have already been accumulated.

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Thus he founded and is the chief strategist for Select Portfolio Management. This elite group of top experts in the fields of tax, insurance, law and insurance was carefully handpicked by Tony Amaradio in order to best serve his growing list of valued clients. However, Tony Amaradio did not then rest upon his laurels after having created one of the sharpest and most dedicated teams in the investment world. For him, this was merely a springboard to allow him to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to uncovering outstanding investment opportunities while maintaining a conservative stance in order to ensure that preservation of existing assets remains his paramount goal.

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While Tony Amaradio still remains committed to delivering the highest returns and results possible for his growing clientele, he also regularly reaches out to philanthropic causes, and remains in demand as a motivational speaker for such diverse and deserving organizations as Campus Crusade, Lift Up America, Prison Fellowship and Wycliffe Associates, to name only a few of the non-profit organizations who exist to serve their fellow man and improve their lot in life.

All in all, Tony Amaradio continues to bring his extensive talents to the table to help those who aspire to greatness and inspiration!