Monday, February 2, 2015

A hundredfold in return: The promise of faith-based investing

A breed of entrepreneurs believes that the ideal way of doing business is to act upon the teachings of their respective faith and religious denominations. Guided by solid moral fibers and committed to social responsibility as the Scriptures teach them to do, faith-based entrepreneurs work hard to gain stellar returns in order to spark meaningful change in the lives of others.

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To these noble businessmen, all the wealth they have earned from running their ventures must be shared and eventually divested to the underprivileged. While their attitude in the past was to avoid putting money in industries that somehow contradict religious morals and practices, most of today's values-based investors focus on a more positive, proactive approach: that is, financing initiatives that inspire human development, support human dignity, and promote responsible stewardship of the earth's resources, among other causes that make a difference.

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Always, it pays to sit down with a financial management expert to explore investment options aligned with one's moral and social positions, and to weigh these routes while taking financial goals, risks and returns into account.

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But generally, investing based on faith and similar values has satisfactorily addressed the equally important goal of income generation. Besides personal and spiritual satisfaction, assets supporting transformative and faith-consistent causes (such as fair labor practices and livelihood for low-income families) have proven to generate considerable returns, making them a viable option for investors who seek to diversify their portfolios, according to financial management and advisory firm Merrill Lynch. Indeed, the centuries-old scriptures are right in saying that wealth, when used according to divine will, will yield a hundredfold.

Tony Amaradio, founder of Select Portfolio Management Inc., and author of the book "Faithful with Much," advocates inspiring social and spiritual change by engaging in faith-based financial stewardship. Follow this Twitter account for more insights on finances and philanthropy.